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Community Group Support

Tan Ninety, through experience has seen the benefits of investing in the local community. Such investments are an integral part of sustaining the viability of a regional town.

We actively support the Port Hedland Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) financially and through in-kind assistance. This assists them to achieve their mission to preserve life for those on the water, be it a professional or a member of the public.



Vessel Refit Technology Specification

Tan Ninety supported Port Hedland VMR to identify, review, select and implement a number of new and innovative technologies during its vessel refit. This included a large format Lithium-ion battery storage, charging and distribution system, advanced communications equipment, HVAC as well as component control, management and integrations.


Enhanced Man Overboard Drift Modelling Using Realtime Data Streams

The Port Hedland area experiences relatively large tidal fluctuations of up to 7.6m. This creates significant tidal current which can cause a person or object lost in the ocean to quickly migrate long distances from their original location. Search areas can therefore be significant in size requiring many assets and extended search times. Tan Ninety has combined mathematical drift modelling techniques with local, real-time data feeds to examine whether location prediction accuracy can be improved. Initial modelling results indicate significant agreement between theoretical and actual drift paths. On a coastline where ships crew are occasionally lost at sea, this may yield an improvement in survival and recovery rates.

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